Just thought I’d share these with you, incase you haven’t seen them yet

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Chapter Six.



My nails softly tapped against the table as the smoke slowly filled my lungs. Normally I wouldn’t smoke, but today my nerves were on the edge. She was supposed to have been here by now with the information I requested and yet she was late. She was never late but then again this was…

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Dream cast meme:

The  Proud  Family. 

They'll make you scream, make you wanna sing. It's a family thing, a family.

Proud, proud family.

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We can add “Men Who Kill” to the list

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Anthony Mackie talking about representation and sticking up for Michael B. Jordan. <3

Black superheroes unite.

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Watching World War Z and all I keep thinking is how attractive Brad Pitt still is

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michaelbjordan Miami crew headed back to south beach!

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I’d totally support him if they ever decided to cast Michael in a Tupac biopic but I’m not really wanting him to try out for it. My immediate thought of an actor to play Tupac isn’t Michael. But hey

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favourite movies  » That Awkward Moment

"So…where is this going?"

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Lovely, and very successful FNL spam this evening. You’re Welcome


get to know me : [2/5] favorite tv shows → friday night lights

"There’s one thing they can’t take away from us, what we did on this field."

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Friday Night Lights | Blue

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Landry: hey Vince, I'm sorry about your friend Calvin. that must be really rough.
Vince: what do you care, you didn't even know his last name.
Landry: Calvin Brown. I care about my teammates, and you're my teammate.
Vince: hey Landry; thanks.
-: these are the scenes that mean so much to me & make fnl my favorite show. the little ones. Landry reaching out to Vince because he knew he was friends with Cal. not making it about himself at all. And Vince at first reacting how most people would, and once he realized he was wrong, saying thank you. appreciating that Landry took the time to sincerely apologize. Teaching so much in 4 lines.
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